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Sleeper Sofa vs. Futon … we’ll let you decide.

Mar 15, 2021

What is a sofa that turns into a bed? Some would call it a sofa bed or maybe a sleeper sofa? Others might call it a pull-out sleeper. Some might even say a futon. While futons can be great for smaller spaces are they practical? They’re generally not comfortable and when you sleep, your head…

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Cozy Mattress – the Perfect Fit for Apartment Living

Mar 11, 2020

A recent article by writer, photographer, actress, and artist Susan Marque, sang the praises of Cozy Mattress and the benefits it brings to apartment living (specifically, living in a 320 square foot apartment!). Susan’s year long slumber journey on her Cozy Mattress sofa bed awakened her to, not only the space saving benefits, but also…

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Soothing Summer Sleep Tips to Try Tonight

Jul 16, 2018

You go to bed exhausted with the sweet scent of sunscreen after a long day in the sun, but all you can do is toss and turn. Here are some things to try before bed to ensure a well-rested Summer’s night of sleep. When to Eat Dinner Even though it stays lighter much later, it…

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6 ways to improve your sleep as a hospitality worker

Jun 21, 2018

Sleeping well is crucial to feeling good, thinking clearly and making sure your body’s in its best shape. Getting a good night’s sleep after a hard day’s work is difficult for everyone – but it can be even more difficult for a hospitality worker. You’re on your feet for long hours, at all times of…

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5 All-Natural Sleep Remedies That Actually Work

May 23, 2018

According to the American Sleep Association, one in every three adults experiences occasional insomnia, while another one in 10 has chronic insomnia. While most of us crave a good night’s sleep for the short-term benefit of feeling more alert, we also realize that sleep is crucial to our health. During those nightly hours of shut-eye,…

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How Do Allergies Affect Sleep? 9 Ways The Weather Is Messing With Your Zzz’s

Apr 26, 2018

You might already know that seasonal allergies can erode your immune system and make you more likely to catch a spring cold. However, that’s not the only downside to spring-time sneezing. How do allergies affect your sleep? Seasonal allergies can be super disruptive to your sleep cycle, and not getting enough REM time can make…

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How to cope with spring forward sleep loss

Mar 9, 2018

As we spring forward this weekend, brace yourself. The daylight savings time change, designed to maximize the number of daylight hours during the warmer months, can throw off our body clocks, at least temporarily. “It really is going to affect everyone, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl,” sleep medicine specialist Dr. Russell…

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What’s the Best Way to Make Sure You Get Sleep When You Have the Flu?

Feb 22, 2018

Being sick with the flu, or even just a cold, impairs one of the body’s most reliable aids in recovery: sleep. Finding the right position and tools for comfort can seem impossible when battling a pounding head, stuffy nose and body aches. One expert, Aric Prather, a psychoneuroimmunologist and assistant professor of psychiatry at the…

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What hotels can do to provide the best night’s sleep for their guests

Jan 12, 2018

What should a traveler expect from a hotel when it’s time to sleep? A hotel should always provide travelers with a quiet sleeping environment that includes a supportive bed and a selection of pillows. If there is outside noise or other disturbances, guests should be given the opportunity to move to a quieter room in…

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Sleep vs. Exercise?

Dec 14, 2017

Q. For working parents, it’s difficult to find time to exercise during the week, and early morning is often the only time slot available. Is it better for my overall health to get eight hours of sleep per night during the week but not have time to exercise, or to get six and a half…

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