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Sleepers: Past to Profitable Present

Oct 10, 2013
Mid 1950's sleeper sofa similar to Bernard's innovation

Not to long after Bernard Castro’s invention of the “modern” sleeper sofa in 1931, the space saving pieces of furniture began working their way into the Hospitality Industry. They haven’t entered the industry without their lack of problems though. In fact, most guests dread to sleep on them, and most Managers expect to fix a…

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Lodging Magazine Features the Cozy Mattress

Aug 26, 2013 There are many great articles in this edition and the supply line begins on page 55. Innerspring Mattresses When it comes to sleeping, it’s just hard to beat the comfort of a quality innerspring mattress. At Cozy Mattress, this is what inspired the invention of Z-spring Technology, which allows us to put 8.5 firm bed quality…

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